Personal and Professional Development 

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How do you define an athlete? Your mind may gravitate to your favorite celebrity athletes, neighborhood or camp kids, or even yourself. While we may have our own definitions for an athlete, there are certain qualities that they all possess, despite the sport and level of play. An athlete encompasses discipline, determination, adaptability, versatility, and integrity.  

Just like an academic career or professional career, we have our athletic career! A career shines light on the patterns, achievements, and journey a person has within that field. From career to career, we don’t just toss our skills aside- we transform! We promote and advance our skill sets to our benefit. By adding tools to a person’s tool belt, they can pivot through personal and professional life on their terms. While life isn’t easy, it does help being equipped with these transferable skills to tackle bigger, complex obstacles.  

With AISA as a driving force, we center these values within our academy: 

  • Creating community amongst a competitive sport 
  • Understanding the power of mental wellness 
  • Striving for academic excellence with mental and emotional development 
  • Preventing burnout in athletes for healthy career longevity 
  • Practicing mindfulness that will increase mental and emotional intelligence to identify and cope with stressors 
  • Establishing cultural understanding and solidarity with mental health 

Centering these pillars amplifies the need to understand and revitalize our mission to help our student athletes! Through determination, we connect youth to their future through volunteerism and mentorship. Paired with our programs for athletics, academics, and whole health, we aim to mold and promote intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, and world perspective. 

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