Sports Injury Prevention 

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A preconceived recipe for maximum athletic performance and success is sweat, tears, and grit! By pushing our physical and mental limits, we challenge personal records, cement leading stats, and champion in the sports arena. The journey to being a great athlete isn’t easy and comes with risks! While our bodies can do amazing things, training brings undue stress and strain on the athlete’s mind and body.

Sports Injuries:

  • Muscle stiffness/rigidity
  • Swelling and redness, especially around joints
  • Persistent pain that does not improve with rest
  • Decreased range of motion (ROM)
  • Painful pops (nonpainful pops aren’t worrisome!)

With any red flag alerts, please stop activities to allow the body to rest and heal. Some people may believe you need to “fight through the pain,” but this mentality may cause further insult to injury. To help, use the RICE method of rest: ice (apply on and off), compression (do not restrict blood flow), and elevation (not higher than your heart). Please seek a medical professional to evaluate and treat accordingly! While injuries are part of the mix when it comes to sports, we can minimize and prevent them with some TLC! To remix this recipe, we’ll need to add some high-quality ingredients. We have the game changing ingredients here:

Sports Injury Prevention:

  • Warming up the body:
  • Proper stretching techniques with adequate time to stretch is underrated. Static stretches (I.e. bending to touch your toes) and dynamic stretches (I.e. walking lunges) loosen and prepare the muscles and ligaments for physical activity. Taking the time to charge up your body will energize your movements and performance.
  • Low and slow is the game:
  • Building momentum to increase repetitions, weights, and workouts is a process – not an overnight success! Listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Excessive training will exhaust your muscles to promote muscle fatigue and injury. Establishing the proper technique and form is the best foundation for optimal athletic performance.
  • Adequate R ‘n R (Rest and Relaxation):
  • Our bodies need time to rest and recover! Not giving time for this phase increases chances for injuries due to muscle overuse and can delay proper healing. While sleeping, the body can focus on muscle repair by releasing hormones and nutrients.
  • Also, taking a rest day between activities isn’t laziness, it’s strategic and necessary! With an itch to move, grab a friend for a walk around the park, try new yoga poses, or other activities that are fun!
  • Mindfully hydrate and eat:
  • While water is the best choice to replenish your cells, we like to have options! Try adding fruits or flavored powders to your water. Coconut water is also packed with great electrolytes! Having a dedicated water vessel can motive you to keep up with your hydration (if you like to lug your favorite jug everywhere- go for it!).
  • A well-balanced diet that includes proteins (an awesome nutrient to replenish and recover our muscles) and other nutrients allows both the mind and body to recharge for a better tomorrow. Here’s a great read for nutrition

As this is a recipe guide, your athletic journey may look a little different (and that’s okay!). Listening to your body and advocating for your needs serve as the most important foundation to having a successful athletic career!

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